The power of creating (a new website)

One of Amy’s recent creations – Monster Cables Beanie with handmade faux fur tassel

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” – Thomas Merton

On a stressful day, finding a creative outlet helps me release tension.  The clicking of the knitting needles, the rhythm of the knit and purl pattern, the feel of the fiber pulling between my fingers.  All of this.  All of this helps to center me. 

The instant feedback of visible progress soothes my soul.  There is no to-do list, instead I get to see the progress as each row takes shape. 

Developing a new website has the same impact on me.  The power of creating, instant progress and an end product that is worthy to share.

I hope you appreciate this new resource, a way to dive in, to stay connected, to be creative.  

If you haven’t yet, join us – be a part of this community with-in a community!


Amy is a busy mother of three who wishes she had more time to knit. She will tell anyone that spending time at DMarie makes any day better.  

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