Upcoming 2020 Jan-March

Welcome to 2020 at DMarie!

Just a few things that are happening at the shop!

Lorraine Maas is offering a Sweater Lab for the next 4 months on the last Monday of the month. Join her at 2pm or 6 pm. Bring a pattern you have always wanted to do or let Lorraine help you pick the type of pattern that suits you. This lab is free when you purchase your yarn at DMarie.

Kate Robbins is offering 6 Hats in 7 Weeks starting February 11. Information is in a previous blog and time slots are filling up fast.

Kate Robbins will be also offering a class later in the Spring on the Papillon Shawl.

For the Kids, we will be doing the annual ‘Night in the Knit Shop’ Sleepover. This year we are shooting for May 16th as the big night! Students 5th grade to college are invited to bring your sleeping bag and spend the night in the Knit Shop knitting hats for the homeless!

The Summer Student Knit Program This is available to any students from 1030 -4 on Wednesdays and Thursdays all Summer long. Great way to begin knitting or improve your skill! All students are encouraged to join knitting with other students after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays and anytime there is an Early Dismissal day..

2020 at DMarie will be the ‘Year of the Hat’! We are going to be making all sorts of hats in every weight. Offering classes from beginner to advanced. And for the super artistic, We are going to go a step beyond and embellish them with embroidery.. Can’t wait to see these amazing hats.. This will be introduced later in the year, but early enough to wear them in the Fall of 2020..

In 2019 We added another type of ‘fiber play’ with the addition of Tess Imobersteg, a Multi-media artist, Art instructor, and Certified Zentagle Teacher! In February, Tess is offering a Zentangle Class for anyone 12 years and older. The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. You will be using fabric pens and students will complete a project on a cloth bag. This class is offered Saturday, Feb 15th from 1-3:30 and the cost is $30. Sign up by calling DMarie 6083702414.

RIGID HEDDLE WEAVING CLASSES – Beginner Class -March 24,25 ; Beyond Beginner Class – March 26, 27.

This year in March, DMarie is offering a Rigid Heddle Weaving Class. Offering two, 2 day workshops.. Join us with the AMAZING Deb Jones, of The Fiber Garden. The introduction class- learn to warp the loom using a direct warping method and weave a simple, yet beautiful scarf to get familiar with the loom.. the second day you will warp and weave a project incorporating pick-up and lace techniques to expand the versatility of the looms.. No previous weaving experience is required.. looms are provided or students may bring your own.. they must be completely assembled and in perfect operating condition.. Looms are also available to continue weaving.

Beyond Beginning Weaving is offered the second 2 days.. you will explore a variety of weaving techniques that will keep you busy for a lifetime on this loom.. Beginning weaving experience on a rigid heddle loom is required. (You must have warped and woven on a Rigid Heddle loom at least once before this class).. classes are filling up, so please call 6083702414 to sign up!

And this is just the beginning!!! Look on the DMarie website google calendar to find other pop up classes that will be offered!

As always, we teach beginning knitting on the spot! Just walk in at any time and for $25 you will receive needles, yarn and unlimited instruction at your convenience!

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