Lorraine’s Tips and Tricks

Are you a beginning knitter that makes simple projects? If you can knit, purl, cast on and bind off, join Lorraine for a 6 class series to build your basic knitting skills. Each class is standalone so you can attend one or all of them to build knitting skills. Projects will be suggested at the end of each class to help reinforce the skills learned. Some of the classes will pre-class homework.

In the first class you will start with some basic terminology, looking at how the knit and purl stitches interact and learn how to pick up dropped stitches.

The second class will cover different increases and decreases, explaining those cryptic abbreviations like k2tog, ssk, and CDD.

The third class will expand the use of the increases you learned in the last sessions to make simple lace. Did you want to make a Cheyanne shawl? This will help you on the way.

The fourth class you will be rearranging stitches to do some simple cables. Complex cables start with crossing a few stitches over their neighbor.

The fifth class you will practice knitting in the round with a 16” circular as well as trying double point needles and the magic loop.

The last class is about changing color, working stripes first then learning simple 2 color stranded color work. This will also build on knitting in the round from the last class.

Knitting provides a seemingly endless variety of techniques to enjoy and this series will give you a foundation that will keep you knitting for years.

The Nightshift Knit-a-long (KAL)

Nightshift KAL

I’m excited by all the energy and interest the Nightshift Shawl KAL is creating! All the color choices! How do you decide? Dana can definitely help with that; pick your favorite color and she will come up with wonderful color combinations to complement and pop so that your shawl is uniquely your own. I was reading some of the notes on Ravelry and someone said to be bold in your color choices. Since they will be blended, the bright colors will be toned down a bit while still adding pops of color.

I want to tell you about how I cast on for this shawl. After starting the shawl for the third time I realized that I could neaten the beginning edge. The cast is for 6 stitches but I didn’t turn the needle. If you have ever worked an I-cord you will recognize the following instructions. After casing on, slide the stitches to the other end of the needle and continue with row 1. You are pulling your working yarn from the left needle to the right as you make your first stitch just like you would for and I-cord. By starting the shawl this way you bring the two I-cord edges together to make more of a point. I think it makes the end look neater and more finished. This also works with the Something About Phoenix Shawl from Ewe Ewe yarn, a fun take along project!

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